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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Always!

Place the clean linens on the bed and we will strip-change and place soiled linens in the designated area.

We would be happy to with an advance 24-hour notice and at an additional charge.

We will wash a few items and place to dry. Loading dishwasher and hand washing large amounts of dishes? I am sorry, we do not.

Yes. Please call our office to schedule a cleaning.

Yes, to the designated area.

Not necessary, strictly up to the individual and their comfort zone.

Your choice, again whatever you are comfortable with, we do have keys to the majority of the homes but are very familiar with codes and alarms.

Yes. Our coverage is through Roeding Insurance Co. Copy supplied upon request. All employees are drug-free and have clean criminal and driving backgrounds.

Yes, unless the customer prefers us to use theirs and or specific products required and provided by the customer.

Yes. Consultations usually take about 15 minutes, and this visit really does help get the customer and House Call on the same page with regards to the customers cleaning needs and budget.
No, but we will grab the fresh linens from the dryer to make beds.