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Diane Goldstein, Blue Ash

“Housecalls visited our home yesterday and I was really pleased with the work that the team did. I’m always happy to come home from work on a day when Housecalls has been there, but yesterday there were a few touches I really appreciated. For example, certain toys in the kid’s rooms had been arranged in a cute and whimsical way…guaranteed to bring a smile. Our 3-year-old’s stuffed birdie was nestled in a “nest” of pillows on his bed. Our 5-year-old’s Mickey Mouse gloves were laid on his bed in the “applause” position. Their dolls had been picked up off the floor of the family room and lined up in the couch with the TV remotes on their laps, as if they were watching TV. The kids got such a kick out of these things, just like me. At the end of a long day, it’s nice to come home to a clean house, and get a smile.


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