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Liz, from Cincinnati

“Hi there.
Just letting you know that the house looks great as always. I appreciate when your ladies leave notes ~ today was a nice warning about our water being shut off due to some Water Works activity going on down the street. The ladies explained that they DID get the bathrooms done in time and I appreciate knowing that.
Here is kind of a cute/funny story!

Today I found myself unexpectedly at home with the kids, so I called the House Calls office this morning to determine what time we should head out so we wouldn’t be in your way once the ladies arrived. By the way, the timing worked well – they came while we were out & about running some errands and getting lunch.
Anyway, by the time we got home from lunch, it was nap time, so my girls ran to their rooms to get ready for nap. I heard Maddie yell from their room “Hey, who did this?”
So I went in to see what she was talking about and the Very Confused look on her face was priceless!! She was asking about how their now-organized beds FULL of stuffed animals and books got to be so neat. It looked so great (as it always does after House Calls comes) and she just was not used to seeing it so neat: the blankets no longer balled-up, the animals & babydolls neatly lined along the wall and the cute stuffed butterfly propped up against the pillow = so cute!
She kept asking if I did it and I kept explaining I was away from the house with her; then she asked if Daddy did it and I explained that Daddy was with us at lunch. It was just funny. She looked so confused even when I explained that the ladies from House Calls came while we were at lunch.
Maybe next time I should make it more “interesting” for her world and say a magic fairy did it since she has been a good girl lately. Hmm, I will have to give that some thought.
Anyway, thanks again to your ladies who did a nice job ~ especially with the kids’ cribs/daybeds.

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